Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SCOTUS and the HMS Diversity

Olympia, WA - Alan Dershowitz makes the case at TNR that Sonia (Maria?) Sotomayor, regardless of the ethnic and gender diversity she brings to SCOTUS, is a strong selection to the highest court in the land™.

"By the criteria of excellence, Sotomayor is a very good choice," Dershowitz says. "The fact that she comes from the Bronx is only an added plus."

Ironically, his article only proves to highlight the lack of diversity in the court.

Note his feeble attempt at humor, wherein he talks about the shadows of various baseball stadiums, no doubt a nod to what liberals are saying is Sotomayor's action to "save" MLB back in '95. Dershowitz mentions that potentially 3 of 9 justices will hail from New York City, along with Justices Ginsburg and Scalia.

Last I checked, NYC did not account for thirty-three percent of America.

Plus, let's consider the fact that New Jersey (Justice Alito) might as well be New York, and that Chief Justice Roberts was born in Buffalo. Now we're talking fifty-six percent.

Can I get somebody from the Northwest, or at least keep it real with Souter's New England seat?

And we won't get started on the potential of having a 2/3 Catholic SCOTUS if, nay, when Judge Sonia is confirmed.

Diversity, it's not just an old, old wooden ship.

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