Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Facts from Panhandle Country

Here are some fun facts I gathered from wikipedia about the greater Texas Panhandle country, where the Dust Bowl met the Llano Estacado, where the winter nights are cold, the summer days are hot, and the barren groundscape goes on for miles and miles and miles. All fun facts gathered between the hours of midnight and 2 A.M. at which point I changed topics to UFO reports as prompted by my research of Levelland, TX.


Hereford's local water supply contains an unusually high level of naturally occurring fluorine. Because fluoride is used to protect against tooth decay, Hereford earned the title "The Town Without a Toothache". High levels of fluoride consumed by longtime or younger residents may result in staining.

The county was named for Erastus "Deaf" Smith (1787–1837), a partially deaf scout and soldier who served in the Texas Revolution

However, in 1886, Interior Secretary L. Q. C. Lamar, declared the area to be Public domain.
-- The entire Oklahoma Panhandle

It was here that Tex Thorntonoperating on the now debunked concussion theory coaxed today's inflation adjusted equivalent of $1 million from the locals on claims he could fire rocket-powered explosives into the clouds and cause rain.

Boise City was the only city in the continental United States to be bombed during World War II

Several inches of snowfall frequently occur each winter, typically for several weeks in January–February, often resutling in minor flooding due to the non-existent runoff system.

The local high school mascot is a chieftain. The school colors are red and white. The girl's team mascot is a squaw.
-- Friona, TX

Corporate hog farms and cattle feedlots dominate its economy.

Pantex, the onlynuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the country, is also a major employer.

Levelland is famous as the site of a well-publicized series of UFO sightings in November 1957.

The Liberal Bee Jays, a semi-professional baseball team, have won five national championships and 13 state championships.

At one point in the video, the tornado lifted and hurled a van and a couple of flattened pick-up trucks into the air.

 Beginning in 1932, Odessa held a rodeo for roping rabbits. In one competition, cowgirl Grace Hendricks roped a rabbit from horseback in five seconds and beat her male competitors.