Monday, May 18, 2009

Driven to Kill

Olympia, WA - I turned my computer back on a few minutes ago in a fit of insomnia, hoping that some casual news reading, and maybe the act of writing a few e-mails, would put me back on the path of the slumber. Alas, no such luck.

One thing I did find, 100% unexpectedly, was one of those pop-out video ads that take up the top part of your screen unless you "x" out of them. Sure, I see those all the time. But not for a straight-to-dvd-and-blue-ray Steven Seagal movie. Ho ho! Driven to Kill, baby.

I don't have sound on my computer, but it looked like the standard ponytail fare (minute the ponytail, sadly), where a good guy's principles are violated to the point that he must take up violence--pure, shit-kicking, frequently glass-breaking violence--against the thugs who are cramping his style. Looks like Seagal's still got it.

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