Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Does One Write After Three?

Oly, WA - Here I am at Sizizi's, the new all hours joint in Olympia. It was been a hell of a night, beginning with the fact that they charged a cover at The Royal. Fuck them. Adding insult to injury, the hack job "bartender" at the mini bar didn't even pop the top on my PBR.

Do you honestly expect a tip to being with, let alone when you fail to do something as simple as flip open an tab on a tall can?

Fuck you, Royal Lounge. I expect better.

Anyway, that doesn't begin to explain the extent of my night. I won't get into it here except to say that it was a night worthy of driving home, eating a bit, grabbing my computer, then rolling back to Sizizi's to at least talk some talk, whether it is full on or not.

Shit Christ, as they say.

I'm also a full French press in, at 3:15 in the morning. I wonder, will that impact my sleep schedule?

Honestly, I care not. All I can think of right now is the time that Dan Laz and I drove to Littleton, NH to either buy a gun and/or rent Evil Dead.

Turns out guns are expensive. All we did was rent Evil Dead.

Shit, that night I stuck to my promise of sleeping in my tent, even if the idea of tree roots killing me was mildly scary. But who am I to be scared?


Shit, right now I could give you ten answers, but I won't.

Now is not the time. Despair, which had set in earlier, is long gone. And now is only the time to report briefly, bot fully.

Hey, hey. Here is to the Super Bowl.


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BTB said...

As much as I feel compelled to amend the myriad grammatical errors in the above post, I'll let it stand as is. Booze.