Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pink Chocolate, Black Hills, White Mountains

Olympia, WA - Tonight's sunset was the finest I've seen in ages. From the corner of Tullis and Yew, in a pair of running shoes and SportHills, it was like chocolate being mixed above the Black Hills and the Capitol dome, but only if chocolate was pinkish purple.

The Black Hills, it should be noted over the past few weeks, have exceedingly reminded me of the same Whites, Greens and Berkshires that have dominated my life for the last 9 years.

The curved and layered peaks, January fog filling in admirably for August haze, have only strengthened my longing for the trails, bars, and people of Lincoln, Florence, and West Dover.

How fitting that they tower so close, yet so out of reach from my perch on the East side of Olympia.

Today also marks a return to running after four sick and lazy days off after Friday's mile time trial. From the moment I saw the pink chocolate sunset, I knew that I needed to do my dome loop backwards so I could gaze North and West as I ran down the Capitol trails toward the lake.

Unfortunately I was distracted by a fellow runner who was coming up as I was coming down, and in my paranoid state of unemployment and reminisce, my thought process was dominated by the idea that I had to get from one switchback corner to the next faster than he did, and by the time I got down the hill I realized I hadn't even taken advantage of the clear night sky.

I also couldn't really tell if I was going faster than him or not, so fuck me.

Alas, here I am at Jake's once again on a late Wednesday night trying to make up for the nervous lack of job search and writing that dominated my afternoon at the coffee shop, enjoying some rock solid karaoke as a backdrop to my work.

So far, so good.

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