Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Love Song of M. Rod Blagojevich

Below is something I wrote about a statement I made on January 29, 2009 in honor of the political career of Governor Rod Blagojevich.

And the peculiar thing is this, my friends: the statement I made on that fateful night didn't actually sound anything like this statement. This is just a tribute.

Text below:

Friends -

Well, I did it

I did my Milorad Blagojevic [sic] honor statement at the China Clipper karaoke night.

The background song (Nothing Compares 2 U) was over before I knew it. Because, shit, I could have spoken for another hour and a half about what that man has done for the PEOPLE.

The bar was empty, which only added to my soul companionship with Blago. No one had my back, even though I went on a major media blitz to sponsor my statement. I got essentially goose egged. "The people" are so fickle, so willing to believe what the biased and conservative MSM will tell them about a freedom fighter.

My karaoke name, Ivan Blago, deserved better.

It deserved an audience of 100, not of 2.

They needn't have been sympathetic (surely not!) but I begged of Olympia at least to listen.

Yet my humble plea fell upon silent ears.

How fitting.

Just like those pleas made by Martin Luther King, those pleas made by Mother Theresa. Those pleas made by Dennis Kucinich.

To end the discrimination. To end the starvation. To end the war against peace.

But mostly to end the war against humanity.

If no one will listen to me, BTB, the beacon of the Puget Sound, then why would anyone listen to G-Rod, the laughingstock of cattle country?

Certainly the ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE wouldn't listen. Those spineless political opportunists.

Well tonight was a victory for truth, even if no one was around to record it. Please believe I looked everyone in this room in the EYE while I spoke and I called them, no, made them, no, DECLARED them a witness!

Please believe!!!

So, point being, there were a handful of witnesses tonight here in Oly-town who now know that Blago is a man of principle, who cares for the people, but, more importantly, who cares about his own idea of the people and, who, MOST importantly, will DO or SAY anything to protect a view of the truth.

And that is what I care about.

Good night, and Fuck You.

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