Thursday, January 24, 2013

Know Your Major North American River Drainage Basins

Chapter 1: The Things They Resembled

This is part 1 of a series on getting to know your major North American river drainage basins. Here are some examples of major North American river basins and things that they look like. This will help you learn them, and get you in my good graces. (Click on images for better view.)

Exhibit A.
Yukon River Basin
The head and swinging arms of Bigfoot from the Patterson Film.

Exhibit B.
Mississippi River Basin
A Giant Bat

Exhibit C.
Missouri River Basin
The Stink Cloud of a St. Louis Fart.

Exhibit D.
Columbia River Basin
The Profile of a Wizard's Head

Exhibit E.
St. Lawrence River Basin

Exhibit F.
Rio Grande River Basin
R. Crumb Drawing with Hands in Pockets
(saved the worst one for last)

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