Monday, June 22, 2009

The Great Marshall Sanford, Jr Watch.

All along I've thought that the Mark Sanford saga has been completely overblown, but Josh Marshall's post tonight finally gives some real credence to the fact that this may be a real story.

Sanford, who has been out of contact for days, is allegedly on the Appalachian Trail, although there have been reports that he made a cell phone call near Atlanta.

It is certainly plausible that someone, especially someone like Mark Sanford who is a bit of a maverick, would want to take 4-5 days in the woods after a long legislative season and a very public battle over stimulus funds. Plus it is very reasonable that Sanford may have wanted to begin his trek at the Georgia trailhead and move north for a few days. The trail, after all, stays a short drive from South Carolina for about a hundred miles.

If that were the case, the governor (especially a staunch and paranoid conservative like Sanford) would almost certainly want his whereabouts unknown in the vulnerable woods.

But it is also something that one more or less disqualifies themselves from during the time that they choose to be an elected leader. So in other words, it is really weird.

Or, as Dan Savage implies, maybe he's fuckin' a dude.

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