Friday, June 19, 2009

Cry Me A River

I've cried (well, teared up) twice this week already. Granted I am in a mildly emotional state, but still I think it would take a stone to stand up to what I saw.

For starters, I watched the trailer for Precious on Tuesday. Holy fucking shit. I spent the first thirty seconds trying to find a reason to make fun of Tyler Perry's production credit, and the last thirty seconds trying to keep from falling apart entirely. I need to see that film, and I admit that I am a little bit afraid.

Then tonight I couldn't help but take a wee dip into the river of emotion while reading this blog post from The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan detailing the tweets and photos coming out of Iran right now. Just when you think it is powerful to see the throngs coming out for a transformational force like Barack Obama, something like this happens. To rally after an election is so much more difficult than to do it before.

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