Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting, failing

Olympia, WA -

I was able to act on my renewed commitment to fitness today, taking advantage of the small but steady raindrops and mild temperature (relative to the last few weeks) to cruise through a shorts clad thirty minute run in Priest Point Park.

Judging from a little bit of gmap pedometer magic, I estimated my pace to be close to 7:15, which is a good twenty seconds faster than I thought I would be doing. Best of all, though, I ran out for 15:00 before turning on a dime to see how closely I could hit even splits on the way back home, where I hit the watch at 30:00, even splits for two plus miles over mixed terrain. Not bad.

The intensity of the rain has only increased since this afternoon, when I ran on a reduced sleep schedule caused by a late, booze-soaked Olympia bar night and an early morning chauffeur trip to the Sea-Tac Airport to see Solley off to Jersey.

In spite of the 4 and a half hours of sleep I've felt pretty good all day, maybe because I bucked up and ran after going to the grocery store at 1 o'clock.

Tonight it just never came. Shit, I miss the Moan and Dove.

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