Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much for a dovetail

Olympia, WA - Greetings from Jake's on 4th. I dropped in here just after 1 AM because I thought it would be fitting to post my article on the state legislature's attempt to provide marriage benefits to domestic partnership's from the town's foremost gay bar.

What a shit show.

This is the fourth time now that I have been in here, and it has been a mixed bag. With one exception, I've not been here before 1 o clock, and three of the nights have been on Wednesdays, tonight included.

But never before have I seen this combination of people singing Smashing Pumpkins, chubby chicks grabbing each other's boobs, and weird short guys hanging out with strikingly attractive drunk girls who may or may not be low-rent prostitutes.

For the record, I did finish the article here, so the night was not in vain.

Alas, tomorrow I have an article to write about energy policy, and I imagine at least one bourbon on the rocks once I get home just to come down from this weird scene.

I'll close you with that idea, while they close it down here with some Salt N Pepa.

Its none of your business.

Fuck, I wish it was none of mine. They're terrible. I'm out.

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