Friday, April 10, 2009

Dew Point

Olympia, WA - That old nicknameless backwater city of the Puget Sound, Olympia, has been humid the last two days, and I don't know if it is because the legislative session is nearing a crippling, blue-balled and grumpy end or if it is some sign from the Gods telling me to beat a path to Eastern climates, and fast.

Still, when I step outside my front door in sandals, underwear and a cum-stained t-shirt at 9:30pm, I feel ten degrees short of a heavy sweat.

It is still early April, after all.

Nevertheless what a stark reminder, that kiss of humidity, of the vast difference between winter and summer even in a Marine West Coast climate like this.

I should mention that I am glad to have felt the onset of stickiness. Nothing gets you down the line like some swamp ass and a moist head of hair.

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